Wicked Beat Sound System are an Australian based group whose sound is best described as a mixture of electronica, reggae, dub, soul and hip hop. With 5 albums under their belt and still going strong this legendary Sydney electronica crew have long been credited with being the pioneers of their genre. Combining cutting edge musical production skills with funky soul vocals, and often hauntingly atmospheric melodies, WBSS music forms an exquisite symmetry between electronica and acoustica.


In their live incarnation WBSS have been extremely fortunate to include the talents of several of Australias top musical talents. All bring a wealth of musical expertise & excitement to the live experience.

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The album Hydromajestik has got drought breaker written all over it. Recorded and produced on a farm during Australia’s worst drought in living memory, this album, full of optimism, searching and soulful lyricism may just be the thing to turn it all around. Clearly a joy to make, album number 5 for this pioneering electronica outfit marshals together a maturity etched with the unalterable deft touch of cool that will forever characterise Wicked Beat Sound System.

Packed with tracks reminiscent of the neo-soul of Wicked Beats year 2000 Inna Styles release, Hydromajestik occupies a similar grand and anthemic space. This is as big and wide open as it has ever been with Wicked Beats. Stripped back and spacious, but still soaked in the subtleties of Damian Robinson’s luscious and sophisticated sound scapes, Linda Janssen’s vocals roam and soar effortlessly across this album with a self-assuredness that resonates with the sheer class of her considerable vocal talents. Hydromajestik is such an effortless compendium it feels that these collaborators, who have explored so many musical shades over their fifteen year history, have emerged upon some new horizon. Here their skies are bold and expansive and the fervent complexity and often darker urgency of previous Wicked Beat Sound System releases have opened out into a brighter, searing album of considerable depth and breadth. With a surety and uncanny knack that sees them ticking the box marked ‘cool’ every step of the way, Wicked Beat Sound System are rounding out their long musical expedition sounding fresher than ever. Turn on the taps. Pull out the plug. Open the floodgates … Hydromajestik is here.

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